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Author Name: Roshan Robby Selestin | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Coincidences! Something that I truly hate to happen. Kind of like a sixth sense that kicks in me, it always brings trouble.
My only question is why now? Why am I brought back? Only time will tell.
The past that he vanished from, the present that he wishes to solve, and a future that might change everything. A catastrophic event in the past that brought the nation to its knees, a case in the present that brought the elite to an edge, and a dark secret that haunts the future.
For ten years, he vanished without a trace, leaving behind everything that he cared for.
Who is this Christopher Declan? Why is he wanted back at the Metropolitan Force and what kind of a past did he vanish from? One could only imagine.

Ridgeline is a mystery/thriller novel that starts off an epic journey that drops you into a world which makes you question everything. Dwell into his life to seek the secrets that lies ahead and what might impact in the future.

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Roshan Robby Selestin

Roshan Robby Selestin is a final year B.Com LL.B student studying at the Bharata Mata School of Legal Studies, Kerala, India. He was born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain and studied at The Indian School and did a year of B.B.A Marketing and Finance at the University of Bahrain. His first touch on the arts of storytelling, drama and visual media started during his high school days and his involvement in scriptwriting started at the dawn of his law degree.